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 Raid Leading tips

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PostSubject: Raid Leading tips   Mon May 04, 2009 6:15 pm

Raid Leading is not easy.

You have to be prepared to work with some of the biggest idiots on the planet sometimes, or with those people who just seem to know stuff better than you and taunt you about your lack of knowledge. I try to keep a cool head when i raid lead, put Ventrilo on Ignore and just listen to some classical music. It is not that hard to do, since i know the tactics through and through and have no problem with main tanking Naxxramas.

Easy Things to remember

-If you wipe, be cool about it. These things happen and if you get mad about wiping once, i fear that you're going to be locked into a cell for criminally insane.
- if your raid/party members do not wish to listen to your advice, tell them that their repair bills will rise. Nobody likes high repair costs
- When playing with girls, don't taunt them about their gender. Girls need to be respected because they are cool and they are fun. If they are bitches, by all means, insult.
- When faced with a new boss - Watch the video on the forum. If it's not on the forum, usually ask one of the officers and they'll look it up for you. Asking is nice and social, so use it.

Things that might be hard at first

- knowing wether your tank is def capped. A lot of people go into Naxxramas and say that they can tank, but aren't at the Defense cap to become uncrittable. That's 540, to state it for those with 1 brain cell. If your defense is not at 540 skill, forget about tanking! Bosses hit hard and you're going to be a pasty mess on the ground if they crit you. That's another 10 g for repairs.
- Healer management. Having a healer myself, i know how to gently remind some healers that they either need to hurry things up a bit with their big heals. Nobody wants to feel another 10 g slipping away from them. be nice and polite to them, because a pissed off healer will only make you die by not healing you and hearthing out of the raid.
- maintaining order and getting those who love loot to be reigned in. Always have Master Looter on unless you absolutely trust the people who are in the raid. there is no such thing as seeing your hunter get his loot stolen by the main warrior tank... That's not nice, for your information.
- If you assign a piece of loot to someone who really needs it as a gear upgrade, Inform the people in the raid, so you are not playing favorites. I usually get that tossed at me a lot, so i'm used to it.
-If things don't go so well... Use jokes. Make jokes about how saggy the tits of pamela anderson are or something of that kind, just have fun.

Things that are Expert level

-knowing when to throw the towel in the ring, when people are just so bad that they should not be allowed to raid. Generally, i almost never lose hope. I'm a very positive person mostly, so i tend to look at the bright side of life... or is that, the Brian side of life... If you wipe a lot on a boss, it's better to call it at that point than to continue and maybe lose all the money you stockpiled. Remember, now downing that boss is not the end of the world, it's always the next day or something.
- Quarrels between people - they aren't good and not productive. if people harbor a grudge against each other, try to get to the bottom of it, and if possible resolve it. Baby slaughter is not condoned.
- bothering your officers about a certain guild member who misbehaves and who isn't named Pietershadow... yep, i am misbehaving quite a lot and i'm proud of it farao

anyways, i'll fill more info about raid leading when i get the chance. sleep now Sleep
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Raid Leading tips
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