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 Draxer's Horror story

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PostSubject: Draxer's Horror story   Thu May 28, 2009 12:46 pm

Heads be off

As she slowly made her way through the abandoned house, on a dare from her friends, she realized that it was probably a bit too much, as the house had been abandoned for several years and thus had been unrepaired and disheveled for several years. It had been rumored that a crazy axe killer had lived there years ago, until he had accidentally killed himself by the same axe that he used to cleave off heads from innocent people.

“it’s all a story, right?” she muttered to herself as she opened another door, the ancient hallway in which she had entered from the front door creaking ominously, shadows moving away from her torch. Suddenly, a chill jumped down her spine, as she looked at the bookcase, the titles of the book blanking out in her view as she stared at them, another chill, not unlike a bony long finger making it’s way over her spine and slowly letting her know that there was something, a presence, inside this house, the titles of the books reading HEADS BE OFF

A silence gripped her, as she began to feel her heartbeat increase, the steady sound of footsteps walking up the stairs coming to her ears louder and louder. For a moment, she could hear the door creak, until it opened wide, a shadowy figure standing in the door opening, her heartbeat rising and rising until she could feel how it began to pump blood faster and faster, a bloodied axe in the hands of the psychopath who had supposedly died, a scream ripping itself from her frightened mouth, enough so that it was ear piercing.

A silence settled over the house, the girl’s friends arriving at dawn to warn her that there was no such thing as a crazy axe murderer, entering the house without a care in their heads, only to hear the sound of something dripping. They walked through the dessicated ruints of the kitchen, finding only stained bloody knives, their steps taking quite a hurry to them as they moved faster, fear moving them , as they worried for their friend. Finally, on the second floor of the house, they found a door smeared with blood. “Jennifer? Are you there?”

A silence met them and they twisted the bloody knob, the blood that coated it being quite sticky already, the door sliding open to reveal a queen sized bed, on which the decapitated skull of a skeleton rested, a bloody axe swishing through the air moments later, the head of the girl who had asked if Jennifer was there.
“Heads… I want heads…” was all that Jennifer said as she enacted the vengeance of the axeman, decapitating her old friends, to recede within the bowels of the house again, her spirit blighted by the Decapitator’s spirit.

Thusly, the book of stories is closed once more... When will your head drop off? Beware the Decapitator...

Hope you like it Drax, wrote it for you
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Draxer's Horror story
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